Day tours from Moscow


  The Golden Ring of Russia, which links several ancient and historically-significant cities, is one of the most popular tourist routes in the country.  It includes cities which made up the political and cultural centres of Ancient Rus before the emergence of Moscow as the capital. The cities are famous for their monasteries, churches and kremlins and many sights here are protected by UNESCO.  


  While the estates surrounding Moscow are less grand than the famous imperial estates found in the suburbs of St Petersburg, they nevertheless make excellent places to visit, especially considering that many of them remain in their original form.  Most of these estates are connected with the era of Peter the Great or with famous Russian personalities of the 19th and early 20th century, which makes them all the more interesting. 



  Over the centuries Central European Russia has been fought over many times by many armies and it is hard to find a region where a battle hasn't been fought, whether it be from ancient times, the Mongol era, the Napoleon Wars, the Russian Revolution and Civil War or the horrors of the Second World War. Some of greatest battles of Russian history were fought close to Moscow: the Battle of Kulikovo Field, the Battle of Borodino, the Battle for Moscow. These places are known to all Russians and have practically become sights of pilgrimage.


  The Moscow Region is one of the most interesting regions in Central European Russia as many important events in Russian history took place around the Russian capital. Although it is one of the most densely populated regions in Russia, many provincial cities, old monasteries and famous estates have been well preserved. As the region is small and with excellent transport links, it is convenient to travel around allowing you to easily escape the hustle and bustle of Moscow.