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In the late Middle Ages Serpukhov was the centre of an important appendage principality  of Moscow whose most famous prince was the cousin of Dmitry Donskoy - Prince Vladimir the Brave. Today the city is still home to two important monasteries from this period. In addition the city also draws in tourists due to the nearby Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve which is famed for its zubr (European bison). The city can be visited as a day trip from Moscow.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City-municipality and administrative centre of the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region
On the River Nara
100km south of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
127,125 people (2014)
City Day
1 September
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Top recommendations in Serpukhov

  • Sobornaya Gora

    Sobornaya Gora

    Go to Sobornaya Gora and see excellent examples of Serpukhov's church architecure dating from various period, as well as what remains of the city's Kremlin.

  • Vysotsky Monastery

    Visit the Vysotsky Monastery, founded in 1374 by Prince Vladimir the Brave of Serpukhov.

  • Vladychny Convent

    Visit the Vladychny Convent, founded in 1360 by St Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow.

  • Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Nature Reserve

    Go to the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve in nearby Danki and see the Zubr (European Bison) which are bred there.