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Apart from the surviving buildings of the Volokolamsk Kremlin, the real reason you should come to Volokolamsk is to see some of the sights located in the surrounding Volokolamsk District. Volokolamsk was named a City of Military Glory, partly due to the heroism of the Panfilovtsy Guardsmen who made their last stand just outside the city and this battle is now commemorated with giant monuments of soldiers. Also on the outskirts of the city are the famous Iosifo-Volotsky Monastery and the estates of Yaropolets and it is worth the effort to visit these. All in all, a trip around Volokolamsk and the Volokolamsk District makes a great day trip from Moscow.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City and administrative centre of the Volokolamsk District of the Moscow Region
On the confluence of the River Gorodnya and River Lama
125km north-west of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
21,692 people (2014)
First mentioned
Former names
Volok na Lame
City of Military Glory
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Top recommendations in Volokolamsk

  • Volokolamsk Kremlin

    Volokolamsk Kremlin

    Go to the Volokolamsk Kremlin to see the Resurrection and St Nicholas' Cathedrals and to visit the Historical-Architectural Museum.

  • Iosifo-Volokolamsky Monastery

    Visit the famous Iosifo-Volotsky Monastery in the nearby village of Terayeva.

  • Yaropolets


    Go to Yaropolets to visit the Goncharov and Chernyshev Estates.

  • Dubosekovo


    Go to Dubosekovo, the scene of a fierce WWII battle and see the impressive memorial which now stands there.