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Kolomna is a Historical City of Russia and its impressive kremlin still demonstrates how the city was once important for the defence of Moscow. In addition the city also has several pretty monasteries to offer. All in all, Kolomna makes a perfect day trip from Moscow.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City-municipality and administrative centre of the Kolomna District of the Moscow Region
On the confluence of the River Moskva and the Oka
110km south-east of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
144,316 people (2014)
First Mentioned
City Day
First Saturday in September
Historical City of Russia
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Top recommendations in Kolomna

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    Kolomna Kremlin

    Walk around the Kolomna Kremlin to admire the remains of its impressive walls and to see its beautiful cathedrals, convents and churches located there.

  • Staro-Golutvin Monastery

    Visit the 14th-century Staro-Golutvin Monastery located on the outskirts of the city to see its Russian gothic towers.

  • Bobrenev Monastery

    If you haven't had your fill of churches yet, go to the Bobrenev Monastery in Staroe Bobrenevo. As a bonus from this side of the River Moskva you will get great views of the Kolomna Kremlin.