Elbrus Mountain

  Despite often being ignored in favour of Mont Blanc in France, Russia’s Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe. This twin-summit dormant volcano in Kabardino-Balkaria stands at 5,642 metres tall and is ranked as the 10th tallest mountain on Earth (while Mont Blanc is 4,808.7 metres above sea level and takes 11th place among the World's tallest mountains). The reason why Elbrus is often overlooked is because it stands on the border between Asia and Europe - the Caucasus Mountains. However most experts do accept Elbrus as being located on the European side of the border, which is precisely determined as the watershed of the Caucasus Mountain Range, meaning it is number one in Europe.

  The main ski-resorts around Elbrus are located near to the settlement of Terskol on the mountain’s southern slope. The “easiest” route up Elbrus starts from Azau, where the ski-lift will take you up to Gara-Bashi Station 3850 metres above sea-level.