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Stary Oskol

Stary Oskol

Stary Oskol is the Belgorod Region’s second city by population and today consists of two main parts: the historical centre on the hill and the new centre made up of blocks of housing estates (mikroraiony). It is named after the river on which it stands on; the word stary (old) was added to distinguish it from the new settlement of Novy Oskol (New Oskol). Just outside the city is an impressive cave-monastery complex.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
Старый Оскол
City-municipality in the Belgorod Region
On the River Oskol
160km north-east of Belgorod; 650km south of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
222,125 people (2016)
Former Names
City of Military Glory
City Day
First Saturday in September
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Top recommendations in Stary Oskol

  • Stary Oskol 6

    Kholkovsky Monastery

    Travel outside the city to the nearby settlement of Kholki to visit the Kholkovsky Monastery - an impressive cave monastery.

  • Stary Oskol 40

    Historical Centre

    Walk around the historical part of the city, located where once a wooden fortress stood to protect Russia’s southern borders, and visit the museum here.

  • Stary Oskol 37

    War Memorials

    Have a look at all the war memorial in the city - in recognition of Stary Oskol’s status as a City of Military Glory.