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Stary Oskol

  Stary Oskol is the Belgorod Region’s second city by population and today consists of two main parts: the historical centre on the hill and the new centre made up of blocks of housing estates (mikroraiony). It is named after the river on which it stands on; the word stary (old) was added to distinguish it from the new settlement of Novy Oskol (New Oskol). The city can be easily visited by premium train from Moscow or by bus from Belgorod, Kursk or Voronezh.

Stary Oskol

Basic facts
Name in Russian
Старый Оскол
City-municipality in the Belgorod Region
On the River Oskol
160km north-east of Belgorod; 650km south of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
222,125 people (2016)
Former Names
City of Military Glory
City Day
First Saturday in September
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Top recommendations in Stary Oskol

  • Stary Oskol 6

    Kholkovsky Monastery

    Travel outside the city to the nearby settlement of Kholki to visit the Kholkovsky Monastery - an impressive cave monastery.

  • Stary Oskol 40

    Historical Centre

    Walk around the historical part of the city, located where once a wooden fortress stood to protect Russia’s southern borders, and visit the museum here.

  • Stary Oskol 37

    War Memorials

    Have a look at all the war memorial in the city - in recognition of Stary Oskol’s status as a City of Military Glory.