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  Even if you are not a massive fan of the USSR, Lenin or socialism, Gorki Leninskie on the outskirts of Moscow is still a great place to visit, as it is one of the few estate houses in Russia belonging to a middling-class of landowners which has survived today with its interior intact. Of course the reason it has survived intact is thanks to the fact that Lenin spent the last years of his life here and after his death it was turned into a museum. Before Lenin, the estate belonged to the Zinaida Morozova – the widow of the famous Russian patron of the arts Savva Morozov. After the death of her husband, Zinaida wanted to turn the estate at Gorki into a family home with her new husband Anatoly Reinbolt, and the famous Russian architect Fyodor Shekhtel was hired to carry out the reconstruction

  Following the fashion of the time for collecting works of art, Zinaida surrounded herself at Gorki with the most exquisite furniture, valuable paintings of the 18th and 19th century, and luxurious pieces of chinaware. She wanted to create in the rooms of the large house a magical atmosphere of Russian landowners of a bygone era. Following the Revolution, all the property of the Morozov-Reinbots was nationalised and they were forced out of the estate house at Gorki which was subsequently turned into a farm. In September 1918 the estate was selected to serve as a country estate of none-other than Vladimir Lenin himself who came here on weekends. From 1923 onwards, as a result of his declining health, Lenin lived here permanently. Many of his political comrades visited him at Gorki: Bukharin, Dzerzhinsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Ordzhonikidze and of course Stalin. Most famously the estate is now remembered as the place where Lenin died and it was here that his body was first embalmed. The estate was later renamed Gorki Leninskie in his honour.

Moscow → Gorki Leninskie → Moscow

 Total distance of the tour:   86km 



• 10:00 • 

 Transfer to the Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve. Your guide will wait for you in the lobby of your hotel with a sign saying  The journey can take up to 1h30 hours depending on traffic.

 Distance: 43km

• 11:00 • 

  Guided tour around the estate - the highlights of this tour include:

  • The Large House – this is the house where Lenin spent the last years of his life and where he died on 21 January 1924. You will see not only the rooms where he worked and relaxed, but also the rooms of his sister, the beautiful summer gardens and lots of items connected with Lenin and the former owners of the estate.
  • Lenin’s Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost – this car was bought in England for governmental use. At first it was a standard car with four wheels, but it was transferred to a factory in St Petersburg for modification: its body was placed on caterpillar tracks and skis were attached to the front. Lenin travelled from Moscow to Gorki in this car, and made trips around the Moscow Region in it. On the night of 21 January 1924, after the autopsy on Lenin's body, Lenin’s brain was taken in this car to Moscow to be studied, and on the return journey the car brought back a zinc coffin.
  • Lenin's Kremlin office and apartment – on 12 December 1922 Lenin worked for the last time at his office in the Kremlin and departed for Gorki. His Kremlin office and apartment was then sealed shut. During the presidency of Yeltsin the rooms were opened up and it was decided to transfer the furniture to Gorki Leninskie where the rooms were recreated. You will see here the actual furniture that Lenin used as well as other interesting artefacts, some of which date from an even earlier period: a map of the time of the Russian Civil War, materials for congresses and conferences, collections of statistics, and presents from workers and peasants sent from all over the country. The clocks in the office display the time of 8.15 when Lenin last left his office.
  • Lenin Museum – this is the newest building on the estate. The museum was built in 1987 and represents a true monument of the late Soviet period. The museum was cutting edge for its time and features audio components. The centre of each hall has a cube of black glass which displays a six-minute long film. The museum may be dedicated to Lenin, but today it also serves as a museum of the technology and spirit of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. 
  • Burial of the Leader Monument - this is one of the most unusual monuments of Vladimir Lenin. Nowhere else is the founder of the Soviet Union depicted as a corpse being carried, after all “Lenin lived, Lenin lives and Lenin will always live". The designer is Sergey Merkurov who also was responsible for creating Lenin’s death mask. He was at the time the country’s leading specialists in death masks and also worked on death masks for Lev Tolstoy, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mikhail Bulgakov and Maksim Gorky.

 Duration: 3h

• 14:30 • 

 Transfer back to Moscow.

 Distance: 43km

• 15:30 • 

 Approximate arrival in Moscow.

  • The tour is available the whole year round.
  • The tour is available in     Other languages upon request.





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