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Bryansk dates back to at least 1146, when it was first mentioned under the name of Debryansk, which is thought to mean ‘dense woodland’. The city passed through the hands of various Rus prince and even became part of Lithuania in the 14th and 16th centuries. The city later became famous for its annual fair held outside the local Svensky Monastery. During the Second World War the city was occupied by the Nazis, although around 60,000 Soviet partisans continued to operate from the forests surrounding the city. For this the city has been named a City of Military Glory and many of its sights celebrate its military history.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City-municipality and administrative centre of the Bryansk Region
On the confluence of the River Bolva and the River Desna
387km south-west of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
405,921 people (2016)
First Mentioned
Former Names
City of Military Glory
City Day
17 September
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Top recommendations in Bryansk

  • Kurgan of Immortality

    Go and see the Kurgan of Immortality, an unusual monument to the city's heroism during the Second World World, a symbol of the city.

  • Partisan Square

    Partisan Square

    Go to Partisan Square to see the impressive Monument to the Liberators of Bryansk and to look around the interesting Bryansk State Regional Museum located there.

  • Svensky Uspensky Monastery

    Go to the village of Suponevo, located on the outskirts of Bryansk, to visit the beautiful Svensky Uspensky Monastery.