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Oryol means 'eagle' and was founded as a fortress to protect Russia's southern borders. Today it is famous as the birthplace of the author Ivan Turgenev and the city is proud of this and other links with Russian literature. If you are visiting Oryol you should try to combine it with a trip to nearby Mtsensk and to the country estate of Turgenev.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City-municipality and administrative centre of the Oryol Region
On the confluence of the River Orlik and the River Oka
360km south-west of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
317,076 people (2014)
1566 by Tsar Ivan the Terrible
City of Military Glory (City of the First Fireworks)
City Day
5 August
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Top recommendations in Oryol

  • Literary Sights

    Learn about Oryol's links with Russian literature by visiting the various museums of the Ivan Turgenev Literary Museum.

  • Strelka

    Walk around the area known as the Strelka on the confluence of the Oka and Orlik where there are several monuments and the Epiphany and Archangel Cathedrals.

  • Eagle

    Have a look at the giant wicker eagle decorating the square outside the railway station.