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Photo by Nikolay Biryukov

  Once Peter the Great captured Kotin Island in the Gulf of Finland from the Swedes in 1703, he set up a fortifications here to protect the construction of his new capital of St Petersburg. In the subsequent year the city of Kronstadt (“Crown City”) was founded on the island to serve as the home of the Baltic Fleet, which it remains to this day, and most of the city’s sights are naturally connected with its naval history, including its important revolutionary role and the Kronstadt Rebellion of 1921. Kronstadt’s naval glories have also led to the city being named a City of Military Glory.  In addition, some of its historical fortifications are protected by UNESCO. 

Basic facts
Name in Russian
Кронштадт (Kronshtadt)
City-port and administrative centre of the Krondstadt District of St Petersburg
On Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland
55km west of St Petersburg, 760km north-west of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
43,005 people (2014)
City of Military Glory
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