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Sarapul is Udmurtia’s second city by population and is older than the republic’s capital of Izhevsk. It is traditionally believed that the name of the city translates from the Chuvash as “yellow fish” after the sturgeon that were caught here in the River Kama. Despite being an industrial part of Udmurtia, much of the historical city centre has been preserved, including the wonderful Bashenin Dacha.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
Name in Udmurtian
City-municipality and centre of the Sarapul District of the Republic of Udmurtia
On the right-bank of the River Kama
70km south-east of Izhevsk; 1,230km
Time Zone
Samara Time (Moscow +1) east of Moscow
99,213 people (2015)
First Mentioned
City Day
Second Saturday in June
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Top recommendations in Sarapul

  • Sarapul museum

    Museum of the History and Culture of Central Prikamye

    Visit the Museum of the History and Culture of Central Prikamye to learn more about the area around the River Kama.

  • Sarapul30

    Bashenin Dacha

    Go to the Bashenin Dacha – a unique fairy-tale like building and the a symbol of Sarapul. Today the dacha is a museum.

  • Sarapul22

    River Kama

    Walk to the north of the city where there is a viewing platform on the top of a hill which offers stunning views of the River Kama.