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Belgorod, which means white city, was so named due to the city's rich resource of limestone. The city is worth visiting if you have a special interest in the Second World War as it is a City of Military Glory and has a famous diorama depicting the tank-battle at Prokhorovka Field, part of the Battle of Kursk. In addition, you can also easily visit Prokhorovka Field itself from Belgorod.

Basic facts
Name in Russian
City-municipality and administrative centre of the Belgorod Region
On the River Seversky Donets
670km south of Moscow
Time Zone
Moscow Time
366,100 people (2012)
1596 by Tsar Feodor I
City of Military Glory (City of the First Fireworks)
City Day
5 August
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Top recommendations in Belgorod

  • "Salient of Fire" Museum-Diorama

    Go to Museum Square and visit the "Salient of Fire" Museum-Diorama and the Belgorod State Museum of Art.

  • St Vladimir the Great Monument

    Go see the Prince Vladimir the Great Monument and enjoy great views of the city.

  • Marfo-Mariinsky Convent

    Visit the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent, the only convent in the city.

  • Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

    Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

    Take a trip to the nearby town of Prokhorovka, the site of the most famous tank battle of the Second World War.