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Rostov Veliky


  Rostov, which is often called Rostov Veliky, is described as the gem of the Golden Ring for its majestic white kremlin which stands on the shores of Lake Nero. It makes a perfect day trip from Moscow, but can also be combined with visiting nearby Yaroslavl. From Rostov it is also possible to visit Borisoglebsky.

Rostov Veliky

Basic facts
Name in Russian Ростов / Ростов Великий
Status City and administrative centre of the Rostov District in the Yaroslavl Region
Location On the north-western shore of Lake Nero
Distance 60km south-west of Yaroslavl, 200km north-east of Moscow
Time Zone Moscow Time
Population 30,923 people (2014)
Founded 862
Titles/Awards Golden Ring City, Historical City of Russia
City Day Last Saturday in August
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Top recommendations in Rostov Veliky

  • Rostov Kremlin

    Rostov's main sight is of course the amazing Rostov Kremlin. It is worth visiting alone for its architecture, but it also holds various exhibitions as part of the Rostov Kremlin State Museum Reserve.

  • Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery

    Rostov also has three monasteries and one convent. The most impressive of these is the Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery which also stands on the shores of Lake Nero.