Sights of Lipetsk

Lower Part of the Centre

Emperor Peter the Great Monument

  • Ploschad Petra Velikogo

Ploschad Petra Velikogo (Peter the Great Square) was previously known as Ploschad Karla Marksa (Karl Marx Square) but was renamed after a monument to Lipetsk's founder was established here in 1996. The monument to Peter the Great was unveiled as part of the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy, which was established by Peter the Great. It depicts the emperor confidently striding atop a naval themed pedestal. Read more »

Komsomolsky Pond

  • opposite Ploschad Revolyutsi

Komsomolsky Pond in an artificial pond which was created in 1703 to provide water for the needs of the metal works and was originally known as the Upper Pond. When Lipetsk became a mineral water resort the pond was redeveloped making it more pleasant. In 2003 the pond was again redeveloped, fountains were installed and a monument of a ship celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Russian navy was unveiled. Read more »

Lower Park

  • along Ulitsa Karla Marksa

The Central City Park of Culture and Rest is often just referred to as the Lower Park as it is located at the base of Sobornaya Hill and runs down to the city beach on the River Voronezh. The park was first really developed under Emperor Alexander I when he established the Lipetsk Mineral Waters Resort here, but most of the park's present day look is more recent - the main sanatoria on the edge of the park date from the 1970s and 1980s. The park still has a source of mineral water… Read more »

Monument to Warriors for the Establishment of Soviet Power

  • Ploschad Revolyutsi

Standing on Ploschad Revolyutsi (Revolution Square) is an interesting Soviet-Style statue which was unveiled in 1968. The monument is dedicated to the Lipetsk participants of the Great October Socialist Revolution, however among locals it has been called "a muzhik with a towel" due to its depiction of a revolutionary waving a banner whilst standing on a tall column. Read more »

Novolipetsk Steel Industrial Plant

  • Levoberezhny District, but visible from the Upper Park

Although it is not a sight as such, you cannot miss the massive Novolipetsk Steel Industrial Plant which is located south of the centre looking like something out of the apocalypse. It is especially visible from the Upper Park. The plant was founded in 1931 continuing Lipetsk's long tradition with metal works. It is now the third biggest steel works in the country and the biggest employer in the city. Outside the company’s headquarters on Ploschad Metallurgov (Metallurgist Square)… Read more »

Ss Peter and Paul's Chapel

  • Ploschad Revolyutsi

The pretty and elaborately decorated Ss Peter and Paul's Chapel was only completed in 2002 but has since become one of the symbols of the city. An early chapel dedicated to Ss Peter and Paul was completed in 1885; work on it having started in 1872 to celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. This original version was knocked down in 1931. Read more »

Svyato-Uspensky Monastery

  • next to 80 Ulitsa Saltykova-Schedrina

The Svyato-Uspensky Monastery was founded in the 17th century as the Paroyskaya Hermitage, which existed up to 1764 when it was dissolved on the orders of Catherine the Great. Its only church is the simple yet beautiful Ancient-Dormition Church, which is the oldest stone building in Lipetsk dating from the 17th centurty. During the Soviet era the church was closed, its treasured looted and its superior executed. In 1996 the church was returned to the Orthodox Church and in 2003 the… Read more »

Upper Part of the Centre

Aviators Square

  • Ploschad Aviatorov (intersection of Ulitsa Gagarina and Ulitsa Kosmonavtov)

Further along Ulitsa Gagarina is Ploschad Aviatorov (Aviators Square) which is dominated by a monument comprising a MiG-19 on a pedestal. Next to the MiG are statues of two pilots from the Lipetsk Airbase - Sergey Sherstobitov and Leonti Krivenkov. These pilots are considered heroes as when the plane they were flying caught fire, instead of saving themselves by ejecting, they sacrificed their lives to divert the plane away from a populated area to avoid a greater tragedy. Read more »

Georgi Plekhanov Memorial House-Museum

  • 36 Ulitsa Plekhanova
  • 10:00 - 17:00. Closed on Mondays and the last day of the month.

The Russian Marxist and revolutionary Georgi Plekhanov, who is considered to be the founder of the Social-Democratic movement in Russia, was born in 1856 in the village of Gudalovka in what is now the Lipetsk Region. The house which was once owned by the parents of Plekhanov has since been turned into a museum dedicated to him. It details both his personal life and the Social-Democratic movement in Russia, including information on Plekhanov's disagreements with Lenin. There is also… Read more »

House of a Master - Viktor Sorokin Museum of Art

  • 2 Ulitsa Lenina
  • 11:00 - 19:00, Wednesday to Sunday.

In 1992 a museum and workshop of Russian artist Viktor Sorokin was opened in recognition of the creativity of the artist on his 80th birthday. The museum is located in an early-19th century modernist-style mansion. The museum is now a filial of the Lipetsk Regional Art Gallery and has a collection of graphical work, paintings and sculptures by both Viktor Sorokin and other Russian artists. Read more »

Lipetsk Regional Art Gallery

  • 7A Ulitsa Lenina
  • 11:00 - 19:00, Wednesday to Sunday.

The Lipetsk Regional Art Gallery is located in the classical-style building known as the Gubin House which dates from the mid-19th century. Today the gallery has both permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. Among its permanent exhibitions it displays graphical work, decorative-applied work, paintings and sculptures by various Russian artists. Read more »

Nativity of Christ Eparchial Cathedral

  • Sobornaya Ploschad

The central square of Lipetsk is considered Sobornaya Ploschad (Cathedral Square) which gets its name from the Nativity of Christ Eparchial Cathedral.  Work began on the construction of the cathedral in 1791 upon the orders of Empress Catherine the Great. The main building of the cathedral was completed in 1803 but subsequently damaged in a fire and only consecrated in 1805. Further construction work continued and two side chapels were consecrated in 1807 and 1816. In 1825 work… Read more »

Obelisk to Peter the Great and Petrovsky Spusk

  • Petrovsky Proezd

One way up to Sobornaya Ploschad is via the pedestrian section of steps of Petrovsky Spusk (Peter's Slope) which are decorated with cascading fountains. Also nearby is an obelisk dedicated to Peter the Great which was unveiled in 1839 upon the initiative of a merchant. The base-reliefs of the obelisk depict Vulcan the Roman god of blacksmiths and Hygieia the Roman goddess of health and sanitation - symbolising Lipetsk's metal works and mineral water resorts. Read more »

Regional Museum of the Lipetsk Region

  • 25 Ulitsa Lenina
  • 10:00 - 19:00. Closed on Mondays and the last Friday of the month.

The Regional Museum of the Lipetsk Region was founded in 1909. Previously the museum was housed in the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral and has only been housed in its present building since 1991. The museum is one of the largest regional museums and has exhibitions on the history of the region, including interesting displays on Soviet Repression and the Second World War, as well as on the nature of the region. Read more »

Upper Park

  • Ulitsa Lenina

As its name suggest Lipetsk's Upper Park is located on the higher part of the valley of River Voronezh.  It was established in 1911. Among the park's oaks, lindens and maples, there are also several monuments. The Monument to the Representatives of the First Lipetsk Regional Soviet is a rather nice monument depicting a band of four people which has led locals to dub it the monument to the Beatles. Further in the park is the Monument to the Child Victims of the Second World War… Read more »

Vladimir Lenin Monument

  • Sobornaya Ploschad

Standing in front of the administration building on Sobornaya Ploschad is a statue of Vladimir Lenin striking a standard pose with one hand in his pocket and his cap in the other, defiantly looking away from the neighbouring cathedral. This is the second statue of Lenin to stand here and was unveiled in 1983. The first statue was installed in 1957 but taken down in the 1980s as it had started to crumble. Read more »

War Memorial Complex

  • Ploschad Geroev (70 Ulitsa Gagarina)

The memorial complex on Ploschad Geroev (Heroes Square) is dedicated to those who fell in the Second World War (or the Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia). It was officially opened in 1968 on the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Red Army. Its main feature is a 19 metre obelisk which has an eternal flame at its base. The complex also includes 18 mass graves holding the bodies of soldiers who were evacuated to the city's military hospitals as well as plinths… Read more »