Upper Part of the Centre

War Memorial Complex

War Memorial Complex (March 2011)

The memorial complex on Ploschad Geroev (Heroes Square) is dedicated to those who fell in the Second World War (or the Great Patriotic War as it is known in Russia). It was officially opened in 1968 on the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Red Army. Its main feature is a 19 metre obelisk which has an eternal flame at its base. The complex also includes 18 mass graves holding the bodies of soldiers who were evacuated to the city's military hospitals as well as plinths dedicated to heroes of the war.

St Eudokia's Church

Behind the main complex is the St Eudokia's Church. It was built between 1817 and 1818 on the site of a cemetery which subsequently became known as Yevdokievskoe Cemetery. In 1918 the church was closed and only reopened after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Monument to Internationalist-Soldiers

Just to the left of the complex is the Monument to Internationalist-Soldiers which was added in the 1990s. In form this military memorial is rather unusual as it depicts three women in robes with their hands stretched upwards, making it look more like a memorial to a coven of witches. The names of Soviet soldiers who died in the Soviet-Afghan War are listed on plaques surrounding the monument.

Location Ploschad Geroev (70 Ulitsa Gagarina)