Sights of Prokhorovka

Around the Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

Nikolai Ryzhkov Monument

  • Ulitsa Parkovaya

    Just outside the modern building of the Nikolai Ryzhkov Library is a monument to the man himself - the politician Nikolai Ryzhkov. The statue, which depicts Ryzhkov sat in a chair, is slightly unusual as it is dedicated to somebody still alive. It was unveiled here in commemoration of Ryzhkov's involvement in creating the Prokhorovka Field Museum Reserve, which was the driving force behind the establishment. The inscription of the monument reads "Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov -… Read more »

Prokhorovka Field Church Ensemble

  • Ulitsa Parkovaya

Located next to the actual museum-reserve is a modern church ensemble including Ss Peter and Paul's Cathedral and St Nicholas' Church. The prettier of the two buildings is Ss Peter and Paul's Cathedral which was built in the form of a tower, reminiscent of a candle, between 1995 and 1995. The entire interior of the cathedral is decorated with beautiful frescos. The smaller and plainer church next door is St Nicholas' Church which was built in 1994. Located in between the two… Read more »

Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

  • Ulitsa Parkovaya
  • Museum: 10:00 - 17:00. Closed on Mondays

The Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve comprises a museum, an open-air exhibition and several sculptures. The 'Third Battlefield of Russia' Museum of Military Glory was opened in May 2010 during the run up to the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The museum's name is explained by the fact that Prokhorovka Field is considered the third most important battlefield in Russia after Kulikovo Field where Dmitri Donskoy defeated the Tatars and Borodino Field where the… Read more »

Around Ulitsa Sovetskaya

Hero of the Soviet Union Monuments

  • Ulitsa Sovetskaya

  Just a few metres away from the railway station, opposite to the Mir Cinema, is another war memorial. This memorial consists of 18 busts of Soviet soldiers who were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The busts all stand on pedestals arranged in a semi-circle. In the centre of the semi-circle is a small fountain and the whole complex is decorated with flower beds. Read more »

Vladimir Lenin Monument

  • outside 4 Ulitsa Sadovaya

  Slightly further up Ulitsa Sovetskaya there is a small roundabout and Ulitsa Sadovaya branches off from Ulitsa Sovetskaya. Situated in the triangle formed by the two streets is the pretty Mikhail Borisov Grammar School which was founded in 1957. Just outside the school is Prokhorovka's Vladimir Lenin Monument which stands on a small brick pedestal. The silver-coloured Lenin is depicted holding the lapel of his raincoat and wearing a flat cap. Read more »

War Memorial and Eternal Flame

  • Ulitsa Sovetskaya

In the small park a little In front of and slightly to the east of Prokhorovka Railway Station is a war memorial and eternal flame. The eternal flame is located in the centre of the complex and behind this is a semi-circular panel. The centre of the panel features the lines "Here outside Prokhorovka in fourty-three, with contempt for death, at the signal of attack our soldiers marched to immortality and the tanks became immortal". To either side of this inscription are reliefs of… Read more »

Around Zvonnitsa Railway Platform

Bell Tower on Prokhorovka Field

  • Zvonnitsa railway platform

  Located near to the Zvonnitsa railway platform, around 7km from the main memorial complex, is another memorial in the form of a bell tower. It is dedicated to the Soviet troops who fell during the Battle of Prokhorovka and was erected in 1995. It is the work of the sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov and nearby there is also a statue of the sculptor who died in 2006. In addition there are also examples of Soviet military equipment dotted around the complex, as well as three busts of… Read more »