Around the Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve

The Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve comprises a museum, an open-air exhibition and several sculptures. The 'Third Battlefield of Russia' Museum of Military Glory was opened in May 2010 during the run up to the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The museum's name is explained by the fact that Prokhorovka Field is considered the third most important battlefield in Russia after Kulikovo Field where Dmitri Donskoy defeated the Tatars and Borodino Field where the Napoleon's Grand Armeé was met in battle. The museum has two floors: the first is dedicated to the events of the Second World War and consists of five halls, and the second floor is dedicated to the history and natural surroundings of the region.

Situated in front of the museum is the excellent "Battering Ram. The Tank Battle at Prokhorovka" Sculpture. The sculpture comprises of tanks - both Soviet and German - meeting each other in battle. The Soviet tanks have the upper hand and are crushing the German tanks beneath them. The monument has successfully captured the scale and chaos of the battle.

There is also another statue nearby entitled the Monument to soldiers who fell during the battle at Prokhorovka Field. The statue depicts two Soviet soldiers carved out of stone on top of a granite pedestal, one of the soldiers has been seriously injured and is being held up by his comrade.

The land behind the museum also has recreations of Soviet and German defences and displays many pieces of Soviet and German military equipment which was used during the battle.

Location Ulitsa Parkovaya
Clock Museum: 10:00 - 17:00. Closed on Mondays