Around Zvonnitsa Railway Platform

Bell Tower on Prokhorovka Field


Located near to the Zvonnitsa railway platform, around 7km from the main memorial complex, is another memorial in the form of a bell tower. It is dedicated to the Soviet troops who fell during the Battle of Prokhorovka and was erected in 1995. It is the work of the sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov and nearby there is also a statue of the sculptor who died in 2006. In addition there are also examples of Soviet military equipment dotted around the complex, as well as three busts of Russian heroes throughout the ages: Marshal Georgi Zhukhov - a hero of the Second World War, Mikhail Kutuzov - a hero of the Napoleonic War and Prince Dmitri Donskoy who defeated the Tatars in 1380.

Location Zvonnitsa railway platform