Sights of Tutaev

Borisoglebsk Side

'Borisoglebsk Side' Museum

  • 40 Ulitsa Lunacharskogo

The Borisoglebsk Side arguably has the best museum in Tutaev which is simply called the 'Borisoglebsk Side' Museum.  The museum has several halls, each dedicated to a specific theme including merchants and the textile trade in Tutaev, Soviet Tutaev, Romanov sheep and the nature of the Tutaev District.  In addition the museum also has a recreation of a Soviet class-room, a hall for temporary exhibitions, plus a working tea-room decorated by painting of Boris Kustodiev featuring… Read more »

'Soviet Era' Park

  • corner of Ulitsa Petra Shitova and Ulitsa Romanovskaya

The corner of Ulitsa Petra Shitova and Ulitsa Romanovskaya is occupied by the 'Soviet Era' Park where many of the city's Soviet-style monuments have been bought.  These include statues of pioneers, the city's old Lenin monument as well as busts of Gorky, Mayakovsky, Kalinin and Ilia Tutaev, after whom the city is now known.  In addition there is even a collection of some old Soviet cars at the front of the park. Read more »

Annunciation Church

  • 11A Ulitsa Blagoveschenskaya

The Annunciation Church is located on the same street as the Resurrection of Christ Church but on the other side of a ravine, in the east of the city.  It is the only pillar-less church in the city and has a single central dome.  The church dates from 1660, but has been considerably rebuilt as, after it was closed in 1931, it was used as a club where a fire broke out in 1949.  The church then stood empty and in ruins until it was returned to the Orthodox Church and restored in 2000… Read more »

Fyodor Ushakov and the Russian Fleet Museum

  • 43 Ulitsa Lunacharskogo

The Fyodor Ushakov and the Russian Fleet Museum was opened in 2012 on the birthday of the famous Russian admiral and later saint.  Ushakov was born in 1745 in the village of Burnakovo in what was then the Romanov-Borisoglebsk District.  The small museum has various exhibits on the life and career of Ushakov himself, as well as on the Russian Navy in general, including information on naval battles. Read more »

Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin Monument

  • Yubileynaya Ploschad

The main square in the Borisoglebsk Side of Tutaev is Yubileynaya Ploschad (Jubilee Square).  In the centre of the square is a bust of Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin who was a respected Soviet military commander during the Second World War who was born in the Yaroslavl Governorate. Tolbukhin led the Soviet invasion of the Balkans and occupied Bulgaria, before going on to liberate much of Serbia. This bust of him in fact originally stood in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It was taken… Read more »

Resurrection of Christ Cathedral

  • 13A Ulitsa Sobornaya

Although the Borisoglebsk Side of Tutaev has less churches than the Romanov Side, the Borisoglebsk Side's Resurrection Cathedral is one of the most spectacular in the city.  The cathedral was built between 1670 and 1678, on the site of a former monastery and where the city's first stone church stood until it collapsed in 1670.  It was built by masters from Yaroslavl and consists of a large cubic structure with five domes and a free-standing bell tower, surrounded by small walls and… Read more »

Veniamin, Bishop of Romanov's Church

  • 74 Ulitsa Motorostroiteley

Tutaev's newest church is Veniamin, Bishop of Romanov's Church which is located in the south of the Borisoglebsk Side of the city.  The pretty church was built between 2001 and 2011 and is dedicated to Vasili Voskresensky who took the name Veniamin upon becoming a monk and was made bishop of Romanov in 1921.  Veniamin was arrested by the Bolsheviks in 1922 and then again 1927 when he was exiled to Kazakhstan.  He was arrested once more in 1930 and found guilty of 'anti-Soviet'… Read more »

Romanov Side

Admiral Ushakov Monument

  • Ulitsa Ushakova

In 2006 a monument was unveiled in the city to Admiral Fyodor Ushakov who was born in the village of Burnakovo in what was then the Romanov-Borisoglebsk District but now the Rybinsk District.  The monument features a bust of the admiral who famously never lost a battle or a ship and was later canonised by the Russian Orthodox Church. The monument replaced an earlier monument to the revolutionary Nikolai Panin. Read more »

Archangel Michael's Church

  • 4 Ulitsa Arkhangelskaya

On the other side of the ravine which runs down the centre of the Romanov Side of Tutatev is the Archangel Michael's Church.  The two-storey church with an attached bell tower was built in 1751 to replace an earlier wooden version which is known to have existed since at least 1594.  In 1854 the church became a co-religionists (edinoverye) church which means that the old-rituals were observed here, although it was actually part of the established Orthodox Church.  In 1930 the church… Read more »

Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral

  • 47А Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya

The main cathedral on the Romanov Side of Tutaev is the Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral which stands where the wooden fortress built on the orders of Grand Princess Maria Yaroslavna was once situated and parts of the earthen mounds remain.  The current stone-version of the cathedral dates from approximately 1658 and was built on the orders of Metropolitan Iona Sysoevich of Rostov to replace an earlier wooden version.  It features a traditional cube structure topped with five… Read more »

Intercession Church

  • 7 Ulitsa Pokrovskaya

Standing in the small square formed at the intersection of Ulitsa Pokrovskaya and Ulitsa Ushakova is the Intercession Church.  Previously the Novopokrovsky Monastery, which was first mentioned in 1674, was located here and it is thought this church dates from around this time, although it was only mentioned for the first time in 1781, by which time the monastery had been dissolved.  The church is a small single-storey structure but with a tall tent-dome bell tower. Some fragments… Read more »

Our Lady of Kazan Church

  • 25 Ulitsa Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya

Standing on a hill and descending down to the bank of the River Volga is the beautiful Our Lady of Kazan Church. The red church with light blue domes and a tall free-standing bell tower was built in 1758 on the site of a former convent.  It is dedicated to both the Transfiguration of the Saviour and the Our Lady of Kazan Icon, a copy of which was bought to Romanov in 1588.  During the Time of Troubles the icon was transferred to Yaroslavl and only a copy of the original copy was… Read more »

Resurrection of the Lord Church

  • Ulitsa Krestovozdvizhenskaya

Behind the park with the war memorial is the Resurrection of the Lord Church which dates from 1795.  The church is also known as Leontievskaya Church due to its location in an area of the city known as Leontievka, which itself was named in honour of a church which once stood here dedicated to St Leontius (Leonti) of Rostov.  The current church consists of a tall five-domed structure attached to an apse and a long church porch which also features a bell tower.  During the Soviet era… Read more »

St Tikhon of Amathus' Old-Believers Church

  • 96A Ulitsa Tolbukhina

The Romanov-Borisoglebsky District once had one of the largest populations of Old-Believers in Russia and St Tikhon of Amathus' Old-Believers Church was built by the city's Old-Believer community in 1913.  The small red-brick church had one dome and a bell tower over its porch.  In 1937 the church was closed and then used as the city archive.  The archive has since been moved but the church has never been reopened. Read more »

Trinity Church

  • Ulitsa Pervomaiskaya

Standing on the top of a hill on the very outskirts of the city is the Trinity Church which is also known as the 'Church in the Graveyard', as there was previously a graveyard here.  The yellow church was built in 1783 using funds collected by parishioners and comprises a cubic single-domed structure attached via a short vestibule to a tall slender bell tower over the porch.  The church was closed during the Soviet period and only re-consecrated after restoration work was finished… Read more »

Vladimir Lenin Monument

  • Ploschad Lenina

The central square in Tutaev is known as Ploschad Lenina (Lenin Square) and naturally there is a monument of Vladimir Lenin here.  It is a rather small statue of Lenin, which isn't helped by the fact that is stands on a massive round pedestal on a large open square.  The statue is located immediately in front of the city's fire watch-tower which was built in 1912 and has since become a symbol of the city. Read more »

War Memorial

  • Ulitsa Ushakova

Just outside the earthen mounds surrounding the Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral is a small park where Tutaev's main war memorial now stands.  The simple memorial consists of a statue of a Soviet soldier on pedestal bearing the inscription "Eternal Glory to the Soldiers from Tutaev - Defenders  of the Fatherland in 1941-1945".  Tutaev has second, even simpler, war memorial next to the cemetery on Ulitsa Dementieva in the Borisoglebsk Side which is joined by a memorial stone… Read more »

Zatsepin Estate-Museum

  • 45 Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya

Next to the Exaltation of the Cross Cathedral is the Zatsepin Estate which was built in the early 19th century on a hill overlooking the River Volga.  Today the house works as both a museum (the only museum of the Romanov Side of Tutaev) and a hotel.  The museum exhibits are located outside on the grounds of the estate and include a mock-up of part of a wooden fortress, examples of 19th-century craft, clay and metal work and some living examples of Romanov sheep. Read more »