Transport in Bryansk

 Bryansk-1-Orlovsky Railway Station

Bryansk-1-Orlovsky (Брянск-1-Орловский) Railway Station is located relatively far from the city centre on the other side of the River Desna. Take trolleybus No. 1 from the railway station to get to the central square of Ploschad Partizan (Площадь Партизан) - which is the begining of the main street of Prospekt Lenina (Проспект Ленина).

Location 2A Ulitsa Rechnaya (ул. Речная, д.2А)
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  Bryansk Bus Station

Bryansk Bus station is located quite close to the city's main street - Prospekt Lenina (Проспект Ленина) - and about 500m from Ploschad Partizan (Площадь Партизан). However it's far from the railway station - about 8km. Take trolleybus No. 1 or No. 6 which run between the bus and railway stations.

Location 1A Ulitsa Peresveta (ул. Пересвета, д.1А)
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Getting to/from Bryansk

Bryansk is connected with Moscow via many trains and buses. It is also well connected with Oryol both via suburban trains and buses, so you could easily combine a visit to the two cities.


  Many long-distance trains connect Moscow with Bryansk, usually trains heading from Moscow to Ukraine.  Trains to Bryansk leave from Moscow's Kievsky Railway Station and arrive at Bryansk-1-Orlovsky Railway Station.  On average it takes around 6 hours.  The most convenient option is the Ivan Paristy Premium Train which runs from Moscow Kievsky to Bryansk-1-Orlyovsky.  

  There are usually 5 direct buses between Moscow and Bryansk daily, plus some additional transit buses which stop in Bryansk.  Buses to Bryansk leave from Moscow's Tyoply Stan Bus Station and arrive at Bryansk Bus Station.  On average it takes around 7½ hours.  In addition to the public bus services offered by the Bryansk Bus Station, the company VIP Transfer also runs a Moscow-Bryansk minibus service.  The buses leave from Moscow's Kievsky Railway Station and Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo Airports and from outside Bryansk's Hotel Chernigov.  Tickets should be booked online in advance.


  There is only one direct train which connects St Petersburg with Bryansk but it usually only runs on even dates.  It leaves from St Petersburg's Moskovsky Railway Station and arrives at Bryansk-1-Orlovsky Railway Station.  On average it takes around 15 hours.  


  Suburban trains connect Bryansk with Oryol and there are usually 4 trains a day on weekdays with an extra 1 on weekends.  Suburban trains to Oryol leave from the Bryansk-1-Orlovsky Railway Station.  It takes around 3 hours.