Transport in Tambov

Tambov-1 Railway Station

Tambov railway station

Tambov-1 railway station is located almost in the centre of the city at the end of one of the main streets in the city - Ulitsa Internatsionala (ул. Интернационала). This street is quite short  - about 1.5km so you can easily walk along it or take buses No. 18C, No. 18KOM, or No.44 or trolleybus No.5 - all run along Ulitsa Internatsionala and go along central Ulitsa Sovetskaya (ул. Советская).

Location 1 Privokzalnaya Ploschad (Привокзальная Площадь д.1)
Timetables Long-Distance Trains & Suburban Trains
Selected Destinations Moscow (Paveletsky Railway Station), St Petersburg (Moskovsky Railway Station), Saratov, Arkhangelsk, Ryazan, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Omsk, Penza, Michurinsk, Astrakhan, Stary Oskol, Nizhny Tagil, Novorosiysk.

Tambov Northern (Severny) Bus Station

There are two bus stations in Tambov - the Northern (Severny - Северный) and the New (Novy - Новый) bus stations.  The New Bus Station of Tambov is located very far from the centre on the western entrance into the city. The bus station serves regional and interregional routes and also buses to/from Moscow. To get to the city centre or railway station from here, take buses No.41 or No.45 or minibus No.45.

Location 77 Ulitsa Kikvidze (улица Киквидзе, д.77)

Tambov Northern (Severny) Bus Station

Tambov severny bus station

The Northern (Severny) Bus Station of Tambov is located about 2.5km from the railway station and only serves regional routes. Buses No.7No.14A, No.14П, No.60 and No.61, trolleybus No.6, and Minibuses No.16. and No.30 run between the Northern and New bus stations.

Location 46 Ulitsa Michurinskaya (улица Мичуринская, д.46)

Tambov Airport

Tambov airport

Tambov Airport is located north of the city, about 12km from Tambov Railway Station.  Bus No. 144 runs from the railway station to the airport and goes along Ulitsa Internatsionalnaya (main street) and Ulitsa Sovetskaya.

Location Donskoe village, Tambov Region

Getting to/from Tambov

From Moscow

Many transit trains connect Tambov with Moscow and there is also the special overnight Tambov premium ("firmenny") train. Most of the trains leave from Moscow's Paveletsky Railway Station (Павелецкий вокзал) - Paveletskaya metro station (Станция метро Павелецкая). They take around 9 hours

Buses to Tambov leave from the bus station next to Paveletsky Railway Station (Павелецкий вокзал) - Paveletskaya metro station (Станция метро Павелецкая).  There are about 10 buses  a day - both direct and transit (heading to Saratov, Volgograd and Elista). They take around 8 hours.

There are two daily flights from Moscow (Vnukovo Airport) to Tambov operated by Utair airlines. It takes around 1½ hours.

From St Petersburg

There are two trains which connect St Petersburg with Tambov both leave from Moscovsky Railway Station and leave St Petersburg in the evening and arrive in Tambov around midday. They take around 19 hours.

Travelling from Tambov

To Michurinsk.

By Elektrichka: About 4 elektrichkas leave Tambov for Michurinsk. Duration: 1:30 hours.  

By Bus: Also about 10 buses a day go to Michurinsk from the Novy bus station. Duration: about 1 hour

To Ivanovka

By Elektrichka: there are two daily elektrichka to Oblovka station (Uvarovo village). Duration:2:40. From Uvarovo take a taxi. It is 20km from Uvarovo village to Ivanovka.

By Bus: also 4 daily buses leave from Severny bus station for Uvarovo village. Duration: about 2:20. From Uvarovo take a taxi. It is 20km from Uvarovo village to Ivanovka.  


Michirinsk Мичуринск  10 a day 1h
Uvarovo Уварово  4 a day 2:20