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Kazansky Monastery

Kazansky Monastery (September 2012)

According to legend the Kazansky Monastery was founded in 1670 and in 1758 it became the residence for the bishop of Tambov; the Tambov Eparchy having been created in the same year. In 1918 the monastery was closed and later its necropolis and bell tower were destroyed. It was eventually reopened as a monastery in 1992.

Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral

The monastery's main cathedral is the blue Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral, which was built between 1791 and 1796. Inside the cathedral is decorated with Grisaille frescos, one of the only Russian Orthodox churches to use such style of painting.

St John the Baptist Church

Next to the Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral is the red St John the Baptist Church which dates from 1821, but only recently had its towers and domes replaced after they were removed in the Soviet era. Work on replacing the monastery's bell tower is also underway.

Location 3 Ulitsa Gorkogo