Around Shabolovskaya Metro Station

Shukhov Tower

Shukhov Tower (August 2013)

The most famous sight on Ulitsa Shabolovka is the Shukhov Tower which is also sometimes called the Shabolovskaya Tower. The 148-metre hyperboloid broadcasting tower was built between 1920 and 1922 and was highly innovative for its time and subsequently considered an engineering design classic as the tower is only minimally affected by the wind. It was designed by the engineer Vladimir Shukhov, after whom it is named, and is the tallest of the several hyperboloid towers designed by him. Having stood for almost a century the structure is now described as an endangered building, is no longer used for broadcasting and is closed to the public, however restoration work is soon to begin.

Location 37 Ulitsa Shabolovka
Metro Shabolovskaya