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Yeliseevsky Store

Yeliseevsky Store (January 2013)

The Yeliseevsky Store is not just your ordinary supermarket but a tourist attraction in its own right thanks to its spectacular neo-baroque interior.  The food products here are displayed in a main hall decorated with sculptures of fruits, large mirrors, chandeliers and a portrait of the store's founder - Grigori Yeliseev. The store first opened its doors in 1901 and has remained open ever since, even during the Soviet period.  Today it is run by the Alye Parusa supermarket chain but retains its uniqueness and the name of Yeliseevsky.  The store also has a souvenir department, but don't expect to find any bargains here!

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Location 18 Ulitsa Tverskaya
Metro Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya
Clock 24 hours