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Moscow Museum of Modern Art: Petrovka 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art: Petrovka 25 (November 2012)

The art gallery located at 25 Ulitsa Petrovka is one of several galleries of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art which was established in 1999. In addition to the temporary exhibitions which are held inside the building, the courtyard outside also displays many sculptures, including a large sculpture of Christ. A lot of the sculptures here are the work of Zurab Tsereteli - the founder and first director of the museum.  There is free admission to the museum on the third Sunday of the month.

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Location 25 Ulitsa Petrovka
Metro Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya
Clock 12:00 - 20:00 (Thursdays: 13:00 - 21:00). Closed on the third Monday of the month.