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Aleksandr Fadeev Monument

Aleksandr Fadeev Monument (April 2010)

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Ploschad Tverskaya Zastava and Ulitsa Pervaya Tverskaya Yamskaya is the comparative tranquil Miusskaya Ploschad (Miussy Square). Standing in the centre of a square is a monument to the Soviet writer Aleksandr Fadeev whose is joined by a group of komsomol members in reference to his novel 'The Young Guard'. The monument was unveiled in 1973 in front of the Soviet-style Palace of Pioneers, which is now the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity. Previous to the construction of the Pioneers Palace the uncompleted Aleksandr Nevsky' Cathedral stood here which was second in size only to Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

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Location Miusskaya Ploschad
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