Around Ulitsa Sergeya Eizenshteyna Monorail Station

Rostokino Aqueduct

In the park on the side of Prospekt Mira across from the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument is the only surviving aqueduct in Moscow. The Rostokino Aqueduct, as it is known due to its location in the Rostokino District, crosses the River Yauza and was commissioned in 1780 by Catherine the Great to serve as part of Moscow's water supply system. Russia's war with Turkey meant that the work was delayed and it was only completed in 1804 when Emperor Alexander I, Catherine's grandson, was on the throne. The vast amount of money spend on its construction also led to it being called the Milliony (Millions) Aqueduct. The 356 metre long aqueduct was closed in 1937 when a new water supply was created. The aqueduct was nevertheless preserved and was recently restored in 2006 and 2007.

Location park behind 184 Prospekt Mira
Metro Ulitsa Sergeya Eizenshteyna