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Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument (June 2013)

Just outside the All-Russia Exhibition Centre is one of the most impressive and most iconic statues in Russia - architect Vera Mukhina's masterpiece called the Worker and Kolkoz Woman Monument. The statue is an example of socialist realism at its best and features perfect specimens of a Soviet man and woman with the man holding up a hammer and the woman a sickle to form the Soviet symbol. The 24.5 metre statue was made from stainless steel for the 1937 World's Fair in Paris where it stood near to the Eiffel Tower opposite the pavilion of Nazi Germany. For her work Mukhina was awarded the Stalin Prize and the statue became the symbol of the Mosfilm film studio in 1947.

After the fair the statue was installed in Moscow in its present location, but without the original building-pedestal, which Mukhina considered integral to the monument; she even described the new pedestal as a 'stump'. It stood here until it was dismantled in 2003 for restoration work. It was open reopened in 2009 with a new pedestal more resembling the original. Housed inside the pedestal is the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Museum which was opened in 2010 and features exhibits on the history of the statue and on architecture in general.

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