Around Teletsentr Monorail Station

Ostankino TV Tower

Ostankino TV Tower (June 2013)

Standing at 540 metres tall, the Ostankino TV Tower is the most visible sight in this part of Moscow. The tower was built between 1963 and 1967 and today still functions as a TV tower providing radio and television coverage to over 15 million people. In 2000 the tower made international headlines as a fire broke out on three floors at a height of 460 metres, which resulted in three deaths.

Also located inside the tower are a rotating restaurant at between 328 and 334 metres high depending on which of its three levels you are on, a closed viewing platform at 337 metres high and an open viewing platform at 340 metres high. However these were all closed after the 2000 fire. The viewing platforms were only fully reopened to the public in 2010, althought it depends on weather conditions and it is necessary to book in advance.  The restaurant remains closed, but is scheduled to be reopened in the near future. Many television stations are also based in the tower.

Location 15к1 Ulitsa Akademika Koroleva
Metro Teletsentr
Viewing platforms open 10:00 - 22:00. Daily from May-October.