Around VDNKh Metro Station

Main Botanical Gardens

Moscow's, and in fact Europe's, largest botanical gardens are official known as the Nikolai Tsitsin Russian Academy of Sciences Main Botanical Gardens after their first director and due to the fact that they were created in 1945 to mark the 220th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In total the gardens occupy over 361 hectares of land and contain over 8,000 types of plants from all over the world. The main entrance to the gardens are located close to Vladykino metro station and they run all the way to the area immediately north of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre close to VDNKh metro station. The gardens are separated into 13 different sections, including an arboretum, a rose garden, a herbarium, an oak-grove, a natural forest, a greenhouse complex and a Japanese garden.

Location 4 Ulitsa Botanicheskaya
Metro Vladykino, VDNKh