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Park Druzhby

Park Druzhby (Friendship Park) in Moscow's Levoberezhny District was opened in 1957 by delegates of the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students which was held in the Soviet capital. In addition to its natural attractions, including some ponds, there are also several statues and sculptures in the park. Two works by the famous Soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina entitled 'Bread' and 'Fertility' can be found by the entrance on Leningradskaya Shosse. Many of the other monuments in the park were donated by foreign countries or cities including Spain (a statue of the writer Miguel de Cervantes), India (a statue of the writer Rabindranath Tagore), Helsinki (a sculpture entitled Children of the World), Hungary (a Hungary-Soviet Friendship monument), Kyrgyzstan (a statue of Manas, the hero of a Kyrgyz epic poem) and Demark (a monument in gratitude of the Soviet war effort). The park's centrepiece is the Friendship Monument depicting a man and a woman releasing doves. In the north of the park there is also an Afghan War memorial.

Location Between Leningradskoe Shosse and Ulitsa Festivalnaya
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