Around Savyolovskaya Metro Station

Savyolovsky Railway Station

Savyolovsky Railway Station is probably the least well-known of Moscow's nine railway stations. It was built between 1897 and 1902 and gets its name from the station of Savyolovo which is now incorporated into the city of Kimry in the Tver Region. It is unique among Moscow's railway stations as no long-distance trains leave from here, only suburban trains (elektrichki). From here suburban trains go to Odintsovo, Dubna, Dmitrov, Dolgoprudnoe, Kimry, Lobnya, Taldom and Yakhroma. Buses to destinations including Dmitrov, Dubna, Kalyazin, Kashin, Kimry, and Taldom also leave from the bus station outside.

Location Ploschad Savyolovskogo Vokzala
Metro Savyolovskaya