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Petrovsky Travellers Palace

Petrovsky Travellers Palace (June 2011)

The Petrovsky Travellers Palace was completed in the late 18th century in the Russian gothic style according to a plan by the architect Matvey Kazakov. It was built on the orders of Empress Catherine the Great to serve as an imperial residence when travelling from St Petersburg to Moscow, although the boundaries of the capital have now long since incorporated the palace. In 1812 Napoleon very briefly used the palace as his base during his occupation of Moscow and left it in ruins upon fleeing the city. It was only restored during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I. After the Revolution the palace was nationalised. Recently the palace was converted into a luxury hotel - Petroff Palace Hotel - which opened in 2009. The park surrounding the palace is known as Petrovsky Park.

Location 40 Leningradsky Prospekt
Metro Dinamo