Around Sokolniki Metro Station

Sokolniki Park

Sokolniki Park has existed in some from since the 17th century when it was used by the tsars for hunting with falcons, from where it gets its name ('sokol' is the Russian for falcon). Paths were later laid out in the park in the shape of a fan. In 1879 the territory was bought by the state to be used as a public park and it remains today one of the most popular parks in Moscow all year round. Close to the entrance to the park there are lots of cafes and some amusement attractions. Further back the park becomes a forest. In the winter the park turns into a winter wonderland as its central paths are made into an ice-rink and you can ski in the forest area at the back of the park. In the summer there is a beach-zone swimming pool area with a bar. Also found here are various sport areas, special areas for pensioners and for children, and various special interest clubs.

St Tikhon of Zadonsk's Church in Sokolniki

On the eastern edge of the park is the wooden St Tikhon of Zadonsk's Church in Sokolniki which was originally built in 1876. In 1934 the church was closed and only returned to the Orthodox Church in 1992. However by this time it was in a completely dilapidated state that it had to be completely reconstructed. In 2004 the work was completed and the church was consecrated once more.

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