Around Semyonovskaya Metro Station

St Dimitri of Saloniki's Church in Blagusha

Just under halfway between Semyonovskaya and Partizanskaya metro stations is the pretty St Dimitri of Saloniki's Church in Blagusha. Bagusha was the name of the village which was situated here between the villages of Semyonovskoe and Izmailovo before being incorporated into the borders of Moscow. The church was built between 1909 and 1911 after it was decided a new church was needed to serve the influx of workers to the factories in this area. The church was built in the Neo-Classical style with colourful details on the otherwise white structure with black domes. In 1931 the church was closed and used by the NKVD, an early form of the secret police. The building was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1991 in ruins and it was subsequently reconstructed.

Location 6A Ulitsa Ibragimova
Metro Semyonovskaya, Partizanskaya