Around Semyonovskaya Metro Station

Monument to the Semyonovsky Regiment Guardsman

Monument to the Semyonovsky Regiment Guardsman (February 2014)

Standing outside a business centre on Semyonovskaya Ploschad is a statue of a guardsman from the Semyonovsky Life-Guards Regiment. The regiment traces its history back to Peter the Great's toy regiment in 1687 and in 1700 it was designated the Semyonovsky Life-Guard Regiment after the village of Semyonovskoe where it was originally stationed. This village has long since been incorporated into Moscow although its name lives on in the square and the local metro station. The regiment was disbanded in 1918 but in 2013 President Putin re-established it as part of the Kremlin Guard. This statue of the guardsmen was unveiled in 2008.

Location Semyonovskaya Ploschad
Metro Semyonovskaya