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Former Nikolsky Coreligionist Monastery

Former Nikolsky Coreligionist Monastery (February 2014)

The Nikolsky Old-Ritualists Monastery was founded in 1866. Before the monastery was founded there was already an Old-Believers community here. Under Tsar Nicholas I the Old-Believers community was persecuted and some were even exiled. Those who remained were forced to accept the authority of the official Russian Orthodox Church and became known as Coreligionists ('Yedinoverye' in Russian). After this had taken place St Nicholas' Church was reconstructed between 1854 and 1857 and eventually a Coreligionist Monastery was founded. A bell tower was built in the complex between 1876 and 1879.  In 1920 and in 1923 the monastery was closed and later most of its walls were knocked down. Inside there are two churches, a bell tower and a refectory with its own small church.

St Nicholas' Church

St Nicholas' Church, Former Nikolsky Coreligionist Monastery (February 2014)

St Nicholas' churchwas built in the 1780s and was the main churcf the Fedoseevtsy branch of Old-Believers.  However in 1857 it became a Coreligionists Church (ie for Old-Believers who have become part of the established Russian Orthodox Church).  After the Russian Revolution the church continued to be used but by the Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church (another branch of Old-Believers).  Today the church is shared by the Pomorians and the Coreligionists.

Exaltation of the Cross Gate-Church

Exaltation of the Cross Gate-Church, Former Nikolsky Coreligionist Monastery (February 2014)

The Exaltation of the Cross Gate-Church was built in 1811 and incorporates Holy Gates into the monastery.  On top of the building there are five black domes.  After the Revolution the church was closed and although it has since been restored it has not been reopened for worship.  Instead it is used as a icon-restoration workshop.


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