Around Aviamotornaya Metro Station

Vvedenskoe Cemetery

Vvedenskoe Cemetery (April 2014)

The Vvedenskoe Cemetery was also founded in the 1770s during the outbreak of the plague. Due to its location close to Moscow's historical German or Foreign Quarter (all non-Russians used to be called Germans), the Vvedenskoe Cemetery became the city's principal burial ground for foreigners and for Catholics and Protestants. The cemetery also has a military connection. Some French soldiers who died during Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 are buried here as well as some German and Austrian POWs of the First World War. During the Second World War Soviet war dead were also buried here. Franz Lefort, after whom the Lefortovo District is named was reinterred here in the 19th century. The north and south entrances of the cemetery have gothic-style gates and the small Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is also located inside the cemetery.

Location Entrances on Ulitsa Nalichnaya and Ulitsa Gospitalny Val
Metro Aviamotornaya, Elektrozavodskaya