Around Aviamotornaya Metro Station

Normandie-Nieman Regiment Monument

in 2007, in the small gardens known as Krasnokadetsky Skver (Red Cadets Public Gardens) located outside the Catherine Palace, a monument was unveiled by President Vladimir Putin and President Nicholas Sarkozy of France dedicated to the airmen of the Normadie-Nieman Regiment. The Normadie-Nieman Regiment was a French Air Squadron which was created in 1942 in Ivanovo and served on the Eastern Front for the remainder of the Second World War. Some of the airmen who were killed were initially buried in the nearby Vvedenskoe Cemetery before being repatriated to France in the 1950s. The monument depicts two airmen and the dates 1942-1945.

Location Krasnokadetsky Skver
Metro Aviamotornaya, Baumanskaya