Around Partizanskaya Metro Station

Izmailovsky Park

Izmailovsky Park (July 2014)

The area immediately south of Partizanskaya and Izmailovskaya metro stations is taken up by the Izmailovsky Park. The park was originally part of the Izmailovo Royal Estate. In 1930 the Izmailovo Park of Culture and Rest was established which was later briefly renamed Stalin Park. The statue of Stalin which now stands in the Muzeon Sculpture Park once stood here. Today the area of the park south of Partizanskaya metro station has many fair-ground attractions, including two Ferris wheels, and cafes. In the winter the park is a popular place for skiing and skis can be hired here. Boats and bikes can be hired in the summer. The area of the park immediately next to Izmailovskaya metro station is more of a natural forest area.

Location 7 Alleya Bolshogo Kruga
Metro Partizanskaya, Izmailovskaya and Shosse Entuziastov