Around Partizanskaya Metro Station

Izmailovo Kremlin and Vernisazh

Izmailovo Kremlin (September 2012)

Not everybody knows that there is in fact a second kremlin in Moscow located in the area of the capital historically known as Izmailovo, behind the Soviet style Izmailovo hotel complex which was built for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games. Unlike the main Kremlin though, Izmailovo Kremlin is not a historical site but a modern day wooden cultural and entertainment complex. It was built at the end of 20th century and has been added to ever over the subsequent years. The main part of the Kremlin is located in the west of the complex complete with wooden kremlin walls. Here you will find many replicas of medieval palaces plus restaurants, shops and even a registry office. There are also museums and exhibits dedicated to vodka, bread, Russia toys and various Russian arts and crafts, as well as the working wooden St Nicholas' Church.

Izmailovo Vernisazh

Vernisazh (May 2013)

Built onto the Izmailovsky Kremlin is the Imailovsky Vernisazh which is actually the largest applied-art market in the world and popular with tourists on the hunt for Russian souvenirs. If you are looking for souvenirs, be it Russian hats, Russian dolls, artwork, military gear, magnets or DVDs and CDs, then this is the place for you as Vernisazh has the biggest choice and the best prices, especially if you can haggle. Behind the souvenir market is a flea market where you can buy all sorts of items, including many Soviet-era curiosities. There is a RUB 10 fee to enter the market.


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Metro Partizanskaya
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