Zamoskvoretskaya Line (Dark Green Line) - Замоскворецкая линия


Novokuznetskaya Metro Station (June 2013)

The main theme of the decorations of Novokuznetskaya metro station is the struggle and resilience of the Soviet people during the Second World War and the station was opened in 1943. The station's pillars and arches are finished in marble and decorated with high reliefs depicting military scenes. The station also has benches made out of white siberian marble. The ceiling is decorated with six mosaics dedicated to the heroic achievements of wartime industry: gardeners, steel founders, car builders, builders of skyscrapers, pilots and skiers. The mosaics were put together by Vladimir Frolov, using the designs of Aleksandr Deyneka, from his workshop in Leningrad during the blockade of the city. They were then transported at great risk to Moscow along the Road of Life across the frozen Lake Ladoga. Frolov however shortly afterwards died of starvation during the blockade. At the end of the station there is a panel entitled 'The Frontline and the Home Front Fighting against the German Invaders'.

Metro Новокузнецкая