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St George's Church on Pskovskaya Hill

St George's Church on Pskovskaya Hill (September 2011)

The version of St George's Church which stands on Pskovskaya Hill today was constructed between 1657 and 1658, although older versions stood here since at least the mid-13th century. The church was damaged during the fire of 1812 and was restored in 1818 when a new refectory and bell tower were added. The new additions were built in the Russian gothic style, which greatly contrasts with the traditional style of the original part of the church. The church was closed in the 1930s and was allowed to fall into disrepair until it was decided to restore it in 1965. Restoration work continued until 1972. The building was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1991 and it was reopened for services in 1995.

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Location 12 Ulitsa Varvarka
Metro Kitai-Gorod