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Conception of Anna Church on the Corner

The Conception of Anna Church which is known the church 'on the corner' as it is located on the corner of Kitaigorodsky Proezd and Moskvoretskaya Naberezhnaya near the Moskva River in Zaryadye. It was built sometime in the first half of the 16th century, replacing an earlier wooden version which was first mentioned in 1493. The church has been renovated many times since including in the mid-18th century, the 19th century and more recently. In the 1920s the church was closed but remained a protected site. It was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1994, but no services are currently held here due to the reconstruction of the territory where the Hotel Rossia once stood.

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Location 3 Moskvoretskaya Naberezhnaya
Metro Kitai-Gorod