Around Lubyanskaya Ploschad and Novaya Ploschad

Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum

Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum (July 2013)

The Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum was founded in 1974 in the courtyard of the building where the great Soviet poet lived from 1919 until 1930 when he committed suicide there.  The museum has preserved the room where Mayakovsky lived as a memorial and incorporated the fund of another museum which was opened in 1937. The museum has displays on the poet's work and on his personal life.

Between 1987 and 1989 the museum underwent a drastic renovation which was widely applauded as breaking away from the standard museum format of glass cases filled with documents and photos, so that it now seems as if you are inside the imagination of Mayakovsky.  In September 2013 the museum was closed for reconstruction which is due to last two years.  There is some controversy regarding this work, with the museum expressing worries about how the expositions are being harmed, and it is not clear whether the previous uniqueness of the museum will be retained.

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Location 3/6c4 Lubyansky Proezd
Metro Lubyanka
Clock Closed for reconstruction until 2015