Within the Garden Ring: Around Ulitsa Volkhonka

St Antipas' Church in Kolymazhny Courtyard

St Antipas' Church in Kolymazhny Courtyard has a rather eclectic appearance as it has been added to several times over the centuries. There is some confusion as to when the original part dates from but most believe the 1560s. A legend exists that Malyuta Skuratov (Ivan the Terrible's henchman) was responsible for the addition of a side chapel to repent for his sins and some say he might even be buried here in his family's crypt. In the 18th century, side-chapels to St Nicholas and to the Nativity of St John the Baptist were also added, as well as the bell tower. The church was closed in 1929 and only reopened in 2005.

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Location 8 Kolymazhny Pereulok
Metro Kropotkinskaya
Website http://www.hramantipa.ru