Within the Garden Ring: Around Ulitsa Volkhonka

Ilia Glazunov Moscow State Art Gallery

Ilia Glazunov Moscow State Art Gallery (September 2013)

The Ilia Glazunov Moscow State Art Gallery was opened in 2004 to display the work of the artist Ilia Glazunov.  Glazunov is most known for his specific style and giant collages dedicated to various periods in Russian history.  These collages, including his masterpiece 'Eternal Russia', are on display here in a special hall.  Other paintings include his series dedicated to the Battle of Kulikovo Field, illustrations for classic Russian literature and poetry, and scenes from ancient and modern Russian history.  The gallery also features an icon hall and collections of 19th century furniture.  There is free admission to the museum on the third Sunday of the month.

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Location 13 Ulitsa Volkhonka
Metro Kropotkinskaya
Website http://www.glazunov.ru/