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Exaltation of the Cross Church in Chisty Vrazhek

Slightly north of Skver Devichievo Polya is the Exaltation of the Cross Church in Chisty Vrazhek. The church was built between 1701 and 1708 replacing an earlier wooden version. In 1798 a small central dome on an octagonal tower was added and an octagonal bell tower was built on between 1846 and 1852. Finally between 1894 and 1895 three large apses were built onto the back of the church. In 1931 the church was closed and converted for accommodation. It was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1992 and fully restored to its original appearance by 2000.

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Location 8 1-y Truzhenikov Pereulok
Metro Park Kultury, Smolenskaya