Within the Garden Ring: Around Ulitsa Ostozhenka

St Elijah the Prophet's Church on Obydensky Pereulok

St Elijah the Prophet's Church on Obydensky Pereulok, which is just off Ulitsa Ostozhenka, is often simply referred to as St Elijah Obydensky Church. The word Obydensky comes from the old-Russian for 'one day' as the first church to St Elijah was built here out of wood in one day in 1592. The current church dates from the turn of the 18th century and was built in the Petrine baroque style with a small dome on an 'octagon-on-cube' structure and a square bell tower. The church was never closed during the Soviet period.

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Location 6 2-y Obydensky Pereulok
Metro Kropotkinskaya
Website http://www.hram-ostozhenka.ru/