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Armoury Chamber

Armoury Chamber

The Armoury Chamber which was built just after the Grand Kremlin Palace in 1851 now serves as a treasure chamber exhibiting thousands of priceless items of various ages and origins. The Chambers comprise two floors with nine halls in total. On the first floor Halls 1 and 2 are dedicated to gold and silverware. Highlights include the shrine covers of Tsarevich Dmitri and St Cyril (Kirill) of Belozersk and a collection of Faberge eggs. Halls 3 and 4 display Russian, Turkish and Persian weapons from the 15th to 19th century and includes the helmet of Grand Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich of Vladimir which was found by chance by a peasant woman in 1808. The fifth and final hall on the first floor exhibits European silverware, much of which was given as gifts to Russia, including the Olympic Service which was given to Emperor Alexander I by Napoleon to commemorate the Peace of Tilsit.

Arguably the most interesting exhibits are found on the second floor. It starts with hall 6 which is dedicated to clothing. Here the highlights include Peter the Great's massive boots and various coronation outfits. The seventh hall displays state regalia and includes the double throne of Tsar Ivan V and Peter the Great which incorporates a special place for Regent Sofia, and the Monomakh Crown. Hall 8 exhibits horse harnesses and armour from Russia, Western Europe, Turkey and Persia. Finally Hall 9 is filled with wonderful carriages from the 15th to late 18th centuries of both Russian and Western European origin.

Separate tickets are needed for a specific séance at the Armoury and these can be bought at the same Kremlin ticket booths in Aleksandrovsky Gardens.  The Armoury is served by a different entrance which is in the Borovitskaya Tower at the end of Aleksandrovsky Gardens. Once inside the tower you will also need to pass through metal detectors before being allowed in. No big bags are permitted, but there is a cloakroom inside the Armoury building. You can also buy a ticket for the Diamond Fund once in the Armoury building.

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Location via Borovitskie Gates in Aleksandrovsky Gardens.
Metro Aleksandrovsky Sad